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I’ve often been asked, ‘why would someone have a portrait painting commissioned? Why not just stick a photo in a frame?’ Well, I would ask, why throw someone a massive birthday or anniversary bash? Why not just send them a congratulatory text message? There is a big difference between acknowledging someone and celebrating someone. Sure, there are different ways of doing it, but there are few as timeless as an oil painting, making a more elegant statement and one that is a great deal more momentous than a photo in a frame. It is a tribute to a life, veneration of a person, a way of honoring a legacy. It is in fact, a monument.

I am primarily a self-taught artist, although I personally don’t favor that phrase. I feel it diminishes those individuals who’ve had an influence on the development of my skill; Whether it was my mother, who first placed a paintbrush in my hand and taught me not to mix oil paint with water, or the art teachers at school who encouraged me to copy old masters.  Granted, they didn’t show me exactly how to paint, but none the less, no one is an island. I’ve had influences in countless different ways, but I don’t have a formal art education or training. I learned to paint by painting. I consider this an advantage to me. Learning on my own has led me to develop my own brush technique and subtle style that, perhaps, represents me more honestly.


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Gabriella Kuchenbecker

"This painting is more than just a copy of me at a given point in time; it is the description of a memory in all its complexity. Every layer and every stroke of paint whisper to the imagination of the beholder; an invitation to ponder the thoughts and emotions of the subject."

Gerda Liebenberg

"The painting Coba did of my brother in law is so true to his likeness that you would almost believe it is really him sitting before you."

Candace Vermaak

"Coba did an amazing job at capturing my daughter Zara. The painting is of excellent quality and you can see that time, effort and passion is behind each brush stroke."

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