Frequent questions

Where are you based?

I am a South African native, a British citizen, and a German resident, but a Global artist. Working with customers in a different country is managed easily and the artwork will be shipped in protective packaging. 


Do you have a price list for painting commissions?

If you would like a reference for the price range of artwork, see the cost relative to the size of the selected works displayed on my home page. Prices for custom works will range based on individual needs and therefore it's best to have a conversation first.

If you just want a rough estimate including the shipping cost, please feel free to contact me through the request a quote form. 


What if I just have a general question?

If you just want to ask a general question, feel free to fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page and I will get back to you.


What are the best ways to keep in touch?

custom portrait painting in oil - portrait painting comission

You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram for frequent updates of my work. If you are interested in more exclusive information, sign up for my newsletter below.

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